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  • Autumn Quiles, LCSW


Today is September 11... 2019. We adults in this country know the meaning of this day- some have a more acute understanding than others.

But none of our children have a memory attached to this day. The events of this day, 18 years ago (the time-span of childhood), are history to our children.

Like other historical events, the feelings of this day 18 years ago, will be washed over with time. The fear, anger, desperation, sadness, worry, grief... It is hard, as adults, for us to hold these feelings against black-and-white facts.

Yesterday my elementary-aged son came home with a homework assignment about 9/11. He rushed to me, before completing the questions, and asked with outrage, "Did you know about this? Did you know that planes flew into buildings?" The questions brought tears for me. I told him I did know about 9/11. And a discussion began...

Our children may not have their own feelings about the tragedy of 9/11, but they will see ours. These feelings breathe life into the facts. My son may not remember 9/11/01, but he will remember the day in 2019 that we talked about it. He will remember how, without words, I conveyed the feelings that All Of Us felt that day.

This is how we give our children Remembrance.

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