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  • Autumn Quiles, LCSW

Halloween Week is OVER!

I am so. grateful. that Halloween week is over. Last week, my kids dressed up on at least three occasions and participated in two parties each- not to mention the actual holiday of Halloween itself. The kids had two new sports practices, on the same day and time, in different locations. Sessions ran over. Emails lingered in my inbox. I didn't blog. I forgot to cook the super delicious mushrooms for dinner.

Things got so chaotic that I forgot to send in the cookies- the cookies I promised to send in- for my kid's class party. I got the dreaded call from the class party Mom asking where they were and I totally had to own the fact that they were sitting on my counter. As far as I was concerned, I ruined the lives of 25 beautiful children whose entire happiness for the day was resting on my missing cookies. To make things worse: this is the second time in two years that I have unintentionally shafted that particular class Mom by forgetting something.

Thankfully, the party Mom is full of Grace and was able to forgive me (or at least fake it).

And this was the moment, during my most chaotic week, that I took a few minutes and made a decision to treat myself with Grace. I honored the idea that, as one person, I can only keep so many appointments and commitments in my head. I promised to myself that I would drive a reasonable speed and walk slowly. I took a long shower that evening. I made extra effort to look people in the eye when I spoke and not allow my brain to spin faster than their lips. I slowed down. And, I got through last week.

This is the story of Moms. All of us fly through our weeks, doing our best. And, sometimes, we mess up. Choosing Grace... for ourselves and our fellow Moms... is the stuff that gives us enough strength to pick up our job again and again and again. Today, I'm grateful Halloween week is D U N and I am wishing you all Grace as we whizz into November.

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