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  • Autumn Quiles, LCSW

Good Counsel Podcast

This guy is Erik Bricker. He's a therapist for grownups in Boca Raton, Fl. He has a fabulous family and he loves dogs. And, he hosts the Good Counsel Podcast.

One of the things that makes Erik a Superhero is that he is grateful for his own humanity. I am a hardcore believer in Gratitude and Erik is a font of the stuff. Furthermore, he recognizes that what happens between a Person and Their Therapist can be profound and he has a humility that belies the breadth of his expertise. Like all Superheroes, he keeps most of this information under wraps, unless you see him In Action.

The other thing that makes Erik a Superhero is that he is introducing South Florida to her therapists, through the Good Counsel Podcast. He explains it this way:

The Good Counsel Podcast is an exploration into the world of helping professionals from various disciplines and walks of life. The goal of the podcast is to discover the motivations and methodologies of these unique individuals in order to satisfy and arouse curiosity among members of the public who have an interest in this area of discussion.

Essentially, he invites a Helper into his space (thus so far they have been people he knows and respects) and they "talk shop" for almost an hour. With genuine curiosity, he asks smart questions about what they are good at doing and why they love to do it. He also tells funny stories in his soothing DJ voice and plays this groovy bass line to open and close the show.

Finding a good therapist is hard- very hard. But the Good Counsel Podcast makes this process easier in South Florida. Listening to Erik, from the comfort of your own space, you can discover what the therapists in our neighborhood are really like. You can imagine yourself in the room and get a better picture of how you want therapy to feel. And, you get the gift of rock-solid belly laughs along the way. Thanks, Erik.

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