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  • Autumn Quiles, LCSW

Virtual Camps!

Virtual Camp. Ugh. I can hear the collective groan now.

Summer camps are supposed to be running and jumping and field trips to the nearby zoo or waterpark. Maybe summer camp means cabins and canoes and mess hall pancakes. Summer camps are not supposed to be inside, plugged into some electronic device.

But, for many parents who are working from home, the absence of distance-learning will mean having kids who are cooped-up, bored out of their minds and ready to start World War III with anyone who is standing nearby. Working parents can't afford to have that kind of high-drama happening while they are logging into the company's zoom meeting.

Enter: virtual camps. Daily activities to keep your kid's mind busy. Maybe a techie challenge. Maybe a STEM challenge. Maybe a way to check in with like-minded peers who are perfecting their sports drills. Maybe baking some new bread. Maybe a way to meet a new friend. Maaayybbbbeee brain food for your kids that will help to satisfy their need to grow and learn, without you orchestrating the whole thing.

There seem to be hundreds of options for this kind of thing... there are even some (so exciting!) local businesses who are putting together virtual classes or lessons. commonsensemedia has a list of options and iD Tech has a ton of options, even some at home, here at FAU.

There may be some parents who feel comfortable with sending their kid to a brick-and-mortar day camp this summer. There may be some parents who don't feel comfortable, but don't have any other options. But, for those of you who are planning to continue your social distancing through the warm months, virtual camps might give you an easy option for keeping the kids stimulated while you crank out that next presentation.

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