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  • Autumn Quiles, LCSW

Happy New Year

Every year during the holiday break from school, I take some time off. I see some families, especially those who have a more difficult time during the holidays, but for the most part I spend a few weeks with my own children and family. I come back at the beginning of the New Year with a refreshed commitment to compassion and mindfulness.

This year I am resolving to stay Open to Possibility. To be more flexible in my Thinking and more fluid in my Feeling. Most of all, I am resolving to be more kind to myself... a resolution that benefits us all, really.

It is my hope that 2020 brings you and your family More and Better than 2019. I hope you squeeze extra moments of joy out of every minute. I hope you breathe and find a sweet sense of peace in those breaths. I hope you are continually amazed, impressed and inspired by your children.

Here's to 2020.

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