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  • Autumn Quiles, LCSW


Disney+ is a new streaming service that offers all the excitement of Disney's productions in one place. I have been hearing from families everywhere who are exploring their options and enjoying access to old, and new, content. This past weekend, I tuned in, and tuned out for a wee bit, with my kids. One of the most exciting features for me was the collection of Pixar short films.

Of those films, Pixar's short called Float, was incredibly moving for me. It's a short story about a Dad and his son and it visually shows the work my families do every day. The animator dedicates the film to his son, in the end, in this way:

For Alex. Thank you for making me a better dad. Dedicated with love and understanding to all families with children deemed different.

If you're a parent to a child who has been deemed different, I encourage you to watch the short film and be proud of the work you are doing.

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