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  • Autumn Quiles, LCSW


Today, it begins. I am launching my practice from the mouths of My Friends and My Families into the public light. I have created a website. I have created public pages on social media. This is my first blog post.

The idea of putting my work- my thoughts and ideas- into the technological universe is frightening. I sit in the back of the class. I offer my encouragement quietly. I cheer on My Families privately. The nature of my professional work is built on the discreet, personal victories of the courageous and dedicated children and families I serve. I am never the star of their show.

My humility does not lend itself to websites, or social media sites or blogs. I do not want to be in the limelight.

The irony is that taking this leap- becoming Loud and Transparent about the work I do- is the next step I must take if I want to help more people. I must embrace my own vulnerability.

So, I am channeling the courage and strength of the Families I have served... The children who have shared secrets, the teens who have shared shame and the Moms who have shared guilt and fear with me. If they were able to share themselves, out loud with me, and stare their own vulnerability in the face, I can too.

Here I go...

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