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  • Autumn Quiles, LCSW


It's been a month since my last blog entry and a lot has happened. Covid-19 has necessitated some pretty significant social distancing, so my family and I have hunkered down in our home for the duration. My kids have started "distance learning" with me as their primary teacher and I'm pretty sure I have cooked more meals in the past few weeks than I have in my lifetime. My husband is working from home and the dog is getting more exercise than I think she wants. Overall, given the circumstances, we're okay.

My biggest news, over the past few weeks, has been the transition of my private practice from completely in-person to 100% online. Teletherapy is not a new concept... there are therapists who work with adults that have been offering the convenience and ease of teletherapy for years. When this whole social-distancing phenomena arose, they laughed at those of us therapists who had never even considered teletherapy.

Several weeks later, with a full-time online practice, I am L O V I N G IT. Many child therapists have a laundry list of gripes about it, but this kind of challenge has been invigorating for me. Moreover, my families are loving it. It's easy for them. Convenient. The little kids love the technology, the tweens and teens love the privacy and the adults love the no-fuss, easy access.

I have been most grateful for the opportunity to support families during this pandemic. Things are not normal right now. Families are under unusually extreme stressors. And being able to support kids, and their families, right now gives me a sense of "doing my part" to help us all get through this a bit easier.

Be safe and please don't hesitate to call...

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