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  • Autumn Quiles, LCSW

Trust Me

People do embarrassing things in my office. They ugly-cry with snot coming down their faces or they say "stupid" things or they sit- stiff and awkward- staring at my clock and avoiding eye contact. No one ever knows what to say or do.

This embarrassment is why therapy is hard.

Sometimes, when they leave, they get into fights with their loved ones or fail to say That Thing they wanted to say to their parent or just feel melancholy for a bit.

This hyper self-reflection is why therapy is hard.

Discomfort is necessary for personal growth. Discomfort is a part of therapy.

Parents who spare their children discomfort rob those children of the opportunity to personally grow. Parents who rob their children of the opportunity to grow shape their children into adults that fear growth and settle into mediocrity. No parent wants mediocrity for their child.

This is the secret to pushing through discomfort: trust the therapist.

I have a few college degrees (graduated summa cum laude), a license and 20+ years of experience. I am qualified to offer the same diagnosis and evaluation as a medical doctor or psychologist. I have treated every mental health disorder in The Book, successfully. I have successfully treated your child's issue, repeatedly. I know what I am doing. I've been here before. Trust me.

My suggestions are not happenstance, or taken from a self-help podcast, or a reflection of astrological divination. They are evidence-based, carefully calculated suggestions based on seasoned clinical skills that I maintain with daily review of emerging research and years of refining through consistent practice. I know what I am doing. I've been here before. Trust me.

Don't quit because you are uncomfortable. Don't quit because your kid is uncomfortable. These feelings are temporary. Keep going. On the other side of this process is a feeling of authentic happiness... a genuine sense of confidence and connection and joy. Trust me.

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