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  • Autumn Quiles, LCSW

My June

It has been a long, long time since I have sat down to add to this blog. And, I am thinking, my absence kinda parallels what we have all been doing for the month of June... looking after the kids, trying to figure out the pandemic/social-distancing, keeping track of the social activism that is happening and settling into what seems to be a new "normal".

My family has been on my front-burner these past few weeks. Adjusting to life at home, trying to maintain relationships and keeping us all mindful, and grateful, is where I spend a lot of my energy.

This June I have broadened my work significantly... I am now working for adults who are wading through their own sadness, fears and feelings of being "stuck" in places they do not want to be. Some of them have their own ghosts that have drifted back into their lives and some are just trying not to become ghosts. The work has been very rewarding and I think each of them are making astounding progress. Though I have to use more words and less toys, I am finding great joy in accompanying them on their individual journeys.

Providing therapy through telehealth has also been a new normal for me. While some therapists have struggled, I have found it to be an amazing tool in some cases. Some people let go of inhibitions when we communicate through a camera and this has paved the way for some really intensive, and rewarding, work. I think I'll keep telehealth, even after this social distancing is no longer necessary.

This summer has given me an opportunity to re-envision my practice. Think about things that I would do differently. Dream New Dreams about where I want it to go.

What opportunities has this summer given you?

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